Superfood Tip: Rhubarb |

Superfood Tip: Rhubarb

Nutritionists and chefs agree that eating seasonally is key in reaping the nutritional and flavor benefits of food. Rhubarb is classic spring fare and is available at Craig’s City Market — here are some reasons to try it:

■ Rhubarb is rich in vitamins and minerals, including iron, calcium, potassium and vitamin K, which help in the transfer of oxygen in the body via red blood cells, regulate nerve function and muscle control and build and maintain bone health.

■ Rhubarb has several B-complex vitamins, including folates, riboflavin, B-6 and thiamin. Recent research has shown a link between depression and low levels of B vitamins, so eat up to cheer up!

■ Rhubarb is low in calories (30 calories in 1 cup) and high in fiber, keeping you full longer.

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Lauren Murray

Craig Daily Press health and wellness adviser, yoga instructor at Trapper Fitness, local fermenter/health nut extraordinaire