Superfood Tip: Life giving you lemons? |

Superfood Tip: Life giving you lemons?

Craig Press staff report
Citrus like lemons are a great winter time super food.

If life is giving you lemons, that might be a good thing for your health. Lemons originated in China and are valued for their many uses in flavoring the food we eat, as a garnish and for household purposes.

Lemons add tart, fresh flavor to beverages and brighten up meals. Plus, lemons are a good source of vitamin C. The extra kick of vitamin C might be helpful in winter and spring, when cold weather and illness challenge the immune system.

Vitamin C also helps form bones, teeth, muscle and skin; maintains healthy blood vessels and gums; resists infection and helps wounds heal and can help with the absorption of iron. Dunk it in water, or toss it in your cooking, but grab a lemon to supercharge your food.

Source: United States Department of Agriculture Food and Nutritional Service


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