Superfood Tip: Dandelion greens! |

Superfood Tip: Dandelion greens!

Don’t throw those weeds away! That’s right, dandelion greens may just become your new best friend and are conveniently (and annoyingly) found in your own backyard during these spring months. Dandelion greens are a great, diverse, bitter green and pack a nutritional punch ranking a close second to kale. Just one cup of raw dandelion greens has 112 percent of the daily recommended daily value of vitamin A, 32 percent DV of vitamin C and 10 percent DV of calcium (more than kale!), and they have more protein than spinach. Plus, they have active phytochemicals, which may help liver and gallbladder health and have been used for years as a natural detoxifier. Throw some in your next fruit smoothie, saute them with onion, garlic, salt, pepper and olive oil or try a raw dandelion green salad with a bacon vinaigrette! If the greens are too bitter for your taste but you’d still like their benefits, try beefing up soups and stews with them or combine them with other greens like spinach or romaine. Just be sure to collect your dandelion greens from safe areas that are free from dangerous pesticides/herbicides/weed killers and give them a good wash before using. Enjoy!

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Lauren Murray

Craig Daily Press health and wellness adviser, yoga instructor at Trapper Fitness, local fermenter/health nut extraordinaire