Superfood Tip: Crack a coconut |

Superfood Tip: Crack a coconut

Recent research has confirmed the suspected health benefits of coconut. Coconut may help improve weight loss efforts, cardiovascular profile and some neurologic disorders. The nutrition benefits are primarily due to its medium chain triglycerides. These MCTs do not require chylomicron transporters and thus can be absorbed through the gut. This makes the calories from the fat more readily available to use as energy versus being stored.

The milk and water are great alternatives to dairy and sports drinks. This is because of the milk’s creamy consistency and the water’s natural electrolyte content.

There are a few different coconut products to try — such as coconut oil, coconut water, coconut milk, coconut cream, coconut flour or coconut butter.

Lindsey Hester, RD

Registered Dietitian,
The Memorial Hospital at Craig


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