Superfood Tip: Colorful bell peppers boost health, add variety to meals |

Superfood Tip: Colorful bell peppers boost health, add variety to meals

Craig Daily Press Staff Report

Bell peppers come in many shapes and forms and can be added to a number of meals. They’re also a healthy and quick snack. So they’re pretty and tasty, but what health benefits to they offer?

Bell peppers are high in carotenoids that help protect the body against diseases, especially cancer, and they’re great for your eyes, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

“Dietary carotenoids are thought to provide health benefits in decreasing the risk of disease, particularly certain cancers and eye disease,” states the Library of Medicine website. “The carotenoids that have been most studied in this regard are beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein, and zeaxanthin. In part, the beneficial effects of carotenoids are thought to be due to their role as antioxidants. Beta-carotene may have added benefits due its ability to be converted to vitamin A.”

You can cook bell peppers in a number of meals, such as fajitas, tuna and chicken salad, stuffed bell peppers, or just slice them up and eat them raw.

To healthily sauté bell peppers, The World’s Healthiest Foods website suggest heating 3 tablespoons of low-sodium vegetable or chicken broth in a skillet and add sliced bell peppers. Cover the skillet and sauté over medium heat for three minutes.

Don’t overcook the nutrients out of the bell peppers. Add them to your favorite dish, or make them your vegetable side.

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