Superfood Tip: Avoid saturated fat |

Superfood Tip: Avoid saturated fat

This week, we conclude our fat series.

Saturated fats include butter, lard and shortening. Unlike unsaturated fats, these fats are solid at room temperature. This makes it easy to spot and avoid.

These oils work to increase LDL — bad cholesterol. Luckily, these oils can be replaced by healthier polyunsaturated fats in most recipes.

I hope you enjoyed our look at the different types of fats that are in our diet. Although some offer many health benefits, remember that all fats offer the same amount of calories per serving (9 calories per 1 teaspoon fat/oil). Because of this, we easily can consume too many fat calories, which leads to an increase of our own fat stores.

Lindsey Hester

Registered Dietitian, The Memorial Hospital-Craig