Sunset SAC discusses school issues |

Sunset SAC discusses school issues

— For more information on how to get involved with your School Advisory Committee or similar organization, visit for school contact information.

— For more information on how to get involved with your School Advisory Committee or similar organization, visit for school contact information.


The topic was an important one during the monthly Sunset Elementary School Accountability Committee meeting Tuesday night, as parents, teachers and school administrators convened to discuss recent and upcoming happenings in the school.

The meeting, led by SAC President Becky Fritz and Principal Laura Vinger, included information about projects in development at Sunset, such as a student council, for which representatives were elected from each classroom last week.

Vinger said having a student council, a new development for Sunset, will allow kids to have a voice in what kind of school they want to see.

“I had a fifth-grade student who came to me back in October who brought it up, and we thought about it for a while and met on how to do it,” she said. “He actually came up with the whole plan how to do the voting and campaigning and when we should do it, so it was very student-generated.”

Vinger will be in charge of overseeing the project and working with the kids involved, hopefully bringing in other staff members.

“It’s a new endeavor, and we’ll see how it goes,” she said. “The kids are super excited.”

An environment where ideas can be discussed freely is what the staff of Sunset strives for, Vinger said, citing the school’s Twitter account and SAC’s Facebook page as methods to improve communication.

The newly designed school website is another option for parents to find useful information. The school most recently used the platform to announce the change in policy about Sunset’s red-flag days.

The alteration will allow students to enter the school through the front doors between 7:40 and 8 a.m. if they choose, rather than be required to walk around to individual classroom doors on the sides of the building.

Vinger said the decision was the result of numerous parental requests at the December SAC meeting.

“Some parents came up with some ideas, and we met with some others, and we were able to come up with a plan,” she said.

Although some methods of communicating have worked out for the better, others have been problematic. The idea to implement a “call-all” system in Sunset to alert parents to emergency situations such as lockdowns was mentioned at the SAC meeting, but financial issues are a hindrance.

Vinger said she previously has requested funding for a call-all system and hopes to bring forth the topic again.

The subject of former Sunset employee Pam Williams also was broached at the meeting by parents who felt they had not been shown the proper consideration by being kept in the loop.

During the meeting, parent Stanley Peroulis said his family never received an email sent by Vinger to parents about Williams’ Dec. 20 resignation. Vinger replied that the email had been “kicked back” to her from the Peroulis family’s account and she was unable to contact them by phone.

Peroulis said he thought Vinger was “dodging the question” about Williams’ resignation.

More than once, parents requested Vinger divulge the details about Williams’ resignation, which she refused to do, stating that discussing personnel matters would be a violation of federal law, as well of a violation of Williams’ privacy.

“The personnel law protects both parties,” she said. “It’s not up to me, and it’s not up to (Moffat County School District Superintendent) Dr. Petrone.”

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