Sunset Meadows forms club to honor seniors |

Sunset Meadows forms club to honor seniors

Christina M. Currie

Senior citizens are a unique group of people. They have lived through times other people have only read about and have accumulated wisdom from experience.
To honor those who have seen the changes of the world and have lived to tell about it, Sunset Meadows, a retirement home in Craig, is forming the Nifty Nineties club and is prepared to induct 16 seniors between the ages of 90 and 99 into the group. There will be a picnic Sunday for the residents of Sunset Meadows with a special ceremony for members of the club. Each inductee will receive an angel pin and a certificate. They will also have crowns to wear.
“We call them our angels,” said Mary Jo Brown, Sunset Meadows I activity director. “These people are special.”
“The Nifty Nineties club is an attempt to make activities more interesting and get more participation from the older seniors,” Brown said.
“We’re really trying to make an effort to get the older seniors out.”
The club is an honorary one. Brown expects it to grow to include specific activities.
The other goal in holding the picnic and starting the club is to get seniors socially active.
“We try to get everybody to know everybody else so they’ll feel like a family, so there’s a feeling of unity,” Brown said.
Feelings are mixed among those who will be inducted.
Some seniors are thrilled at the prospect.
“I’m really excited,” Dorothy Wiseman, 91, said. “I’m all for it. It’s a nice thing to do. It shows a lot of love and respect.”
Hazel Linzenmeyer, 92, has the picnic on her calendar and plans to attend.
“I think it’s wonderful, I really do,” she said. “At this age, you need something. You don’t always have a lot going for you and this gives you a little boost.”
Others aren’t as pleased.
Loretta Scott, 93, said she is opposed to the idea and won’t be inducted into the club if she can help it.
Others feel apathetic.
“It’s just no fun to be 90,” Lottie Skidmore, 92, said. Several other seniors echoed her sentiments.
“When you get to my age – in the 90s – you don’t care about much,” Bertha Scott, 94, said.
Thirteen of the 16 inductees were available for comment and seven of those were opposed to the club. Four were in favor and two had no feelings either way.
Brown attributes the negative feelings to shyness.
“They feel they shouldn’t be pointed out, but we tell them ‘you are special,'” she said.


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