Sue Thompson: Health care needs |

Sue Thompson: Health care needs

Health care needs

To the editor:

I always confidently have had my healthcare needs met in Craig.

Recently, I had a specialized surgery that couldn’t be done in Craig; in fact, only a handful of doctors perform this surgery.

After the surgery, I started my recovery process at the University of Colorado Hospital. While my stay and experience there was good, it wasn’t exceptional, like the care I received right here at The Memorial Hospital.

Shortly after returning home from Denver, I had some serious complications that put me in the emergency room at TMH. The doctors and nurses were very diligent in not only making a diagnosis, but in communicating with my doctor in Denver. Unfortunately, because of complications from my surgery, I was transported back to Denver.

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Once there, the special attention and care was nonexistent. They did just as they were supposed to, however, I was room number 409 and not a person with a name. I was released, came back home, only to be readmitted to TMH. Once again, I was given exceptional care, and I cannot thank the doctors, nurses and staff and TMH enough.

Not only was the hospital great, but my friends and family carried me through some very rough times. I wouldn’t have made it without Susan Utzinger and the Ladies Golf Association. The meals were wonderful, and your care and concern will forever be stored in my heart. Also, thank you to Valerie and Amber at Centennial Health.

Thank you so much to everyone in this community. It is a privilege to live here, and even more of a privilege to have access to such great medical care, home health and friends and family.

Sue Thompson