Students prepare for trip to Washington, D.C. |

Students prepare for trip to Washington, D.C.

Lee Harstad

Their destination is the capital of the United States. They are parents, community members and students at Craig Middle School (CMS) who, on June 4, 2000, will head to the Denver International Airport to begin a venture to Washington, D.C., for the CMS annual trip.

Students and other trip-takers will be able to explore the capital and its many facilities. According to tour director and CMS art instructor Jill Stacy, the trip will cost $1,199 for students and $1,199 plus $35 a night for parents and community members. This cost includes everything, including tours in and around Washington, D.C., and Williamsburg, Va. All students need to bring is extra spending money.

To help defer some of the cost, students sell candy bars to area residents from Thanksgiving to Christmas and participate in a McDonald’s breakfast fund-raiser. According to Stacy, this can be a great help for those involved, but is dependent on their initiative.

CMS students have been making the trip for 15 years and Stacy has coordinated the trip as tour director for 10 years.

According to Stacy, there is not a set number of students needed to make the trip, but occasionally there is a waiting list because of the number of participants needed to fill a tour bus once in Washington, D.C. The tour needs 35 to 50 people for one bus and to fill a second, 65 to 70 are necessary. If the number of participants fall between 50 and 65, more people will be required to sign up or some will have to stay home.

According to Stacy, this is a great opportunity for children as this may be the only chance they have to visit Capitol Hill and students “have a blast” on the trip.

There will be a meeting about the CMS trip to Washington, D.C., today from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. at CMS.