Students learn on Brown’s Park trip |

Students learn on Brown’s Park trip

Lee Harstad

Craig Intermediate School (CIS) fifth-graders traveled to Brown’s Park and the Jarvie Ranch in September during an outdoor education program that enriched the science and social studies curriculum.

Students, with the help of the Yampa Valley Legacy Education Initiative Grant, were able to take part in four different learning atmospheres. They studied at a wild-bird refuge, went to Beaver Creek to study invertebrates with the help of the Department of Wildlife, and the Jarvie Ranch in Utah and Partners Interpretation taught them about low-impact in an ecosystem. Students’ behavior and conduct was well received as two Bureau of Land Management volunteers, Melissa Scothern and Kate Illum, wrote a letter in appreciation of the CIS group. The letter reads:

“We know that it must be strange to get a thank you letter for your thank you letters, but we have to tell you thanks, too!

“Thank you for reminding us what being a fifth-grader was like. Sometimes adults forget to treat kids your age like real people, but to us you are better than adults in a lot of ways. You haven’t forgotten how to play, explore and to learn new things and to be excited about things. Those are things a lot of people lose as they get older. Remember to never stop exploring. Don’t lose that sparkle of fun we saw in all of your eyes and remember that life is so exciting even when you are learning … especially when you are learning.

“We have to tell you thanks for showing us what great kids are. We adults hear so much bad in the news about some kids doing bad things and giving you all bad examples, and you have all stayed so great that now we know what cool, well-behaved, smart kids go to CIS! Keep it up and show the world what you can do … and you should be very proud of yourselves.

“Thanks for enjoying learning about John Jarvie. By the way, Tyke, we haven’t forgotten about the books we promised about Butch and Sundance.”


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