Students learn from Mother Nature |

Students learn from Mother Nature

Lee Harstad

First-graders from Sunset Elementary School in Craig gained a taste of nature Wednesday.

With the help of faculty, parents and the Yampa Valley Legacy Education Initiative Grant, students were able to explore natural opportunities in Loudy-Simpson Park in Craig.

The full day event began at 9 a.m. as students practiced what their books have been teaching. According to Sunset Elementary first-grade teacher Cheryl Arnett, the 64 students from all three first-grade sections had been participating in an animal education lesson and this field trip was a way for students to learn through first-hand experience.

The nature walk was a large portion of the trip for students. According to Arnett, the walk allowed students to see different animal tracks and animal homes and how they should go about looking for these signs of nature.

Students were especially excited about viewing a deer, chewed beaver sticks and groups were also able to see how the change of season affects particular animals and plants, like the white and brown change of fur color on the weasel.

Arnett believes the Legacy Grant allows students “play space education.” She said students learn a lot from the experience.

“The connection makes learning stick,” she said.

Arnett was quick in thanking her aides and parents volunteering for the trip.


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