Student Council dedicates time and effort to Cystic Fibrosis |

Student Council dedicates time and effort to Cystic Fibrosis

April Rogers, Blue Print

“I honestly over-looked Cystic Fibrosis before the Student Council brought it to my attention. Although I had heard about the disease, I did not know what the disease was, or how it impacted our community,” said Heather Fross, Student Council advisor. Every year the Moffat County High School Student Council puts on a variety of different activities and fundraisers.

This year, the Student Council hosted their 2nd annual CFF or Cystic Fibrosis Fundraiser. Cystic Fibrosis is a disease which effect 1 in 2000 people. Statistically, that means five people in Craig suffer from this disease. Cystic Fibrosis occurs when a child’s lungs and pancreas fill up with a thick mucus, often causing early death. No cure is known.

Raising money

Student Council members teamed up with Vallarta’s Mexican Restaurant and Grill to obtain donations. From 4-9 pm on April 13th, Student Council members stood on the streets of Victory Way with posters advertising their CFF with Vallarta’s.

“I stood in the street dancing around posters with CFF info. I got a lot of honks and even more funny looks!” said Freshman class president, Derek Maiolo.

The Student Council team also set up a booth outside the entrance of Vallarta’s and sold CFF paper chain links for a dollar. All the proceeds from the links community members bought went to the Cystic Fibrosis foundation.

Freshman representative Laurie Cotten was one of the students who collected money for the chain links.

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“The community was so supportive!” Cotten continued, “We raised $130.00 in a few hours from the links because all of the people who donated a few dollars each,” said Cotten.

The chain links Student Council members sold now hang across the Student Council room wall. The students were happy to report they more than doubled last year’s chain link sales.

Thanking the Community

Student Council advertised the night through posters and fliers along with a promotion on KRAI.

“The KRAI staff is so generous. They always help Student Council out by giving us free ads for all the community service projects we do. We couldn’t ask more of them,” said Freshman Student Council representative, Nicole Ferree.

Vallarta’s Mexican Restaurant and Grill gave 25% of that night’s proceeds to the Student Council fundraiser, which ended a simple four-hour fundraiser with over $650.00 to send to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

“This money may only be a start, but we wouldn’t be anywhere without the community’s support and the generosity of Vallarta’s,” said Student Body secretary Becca Pugh.

Student Council plans to host CFF annually and is excited to help this and many other causes.