‘Strive to be the best’: Five minutes with Jordan Porter, 18, instructor at Gymstar Fun N Fit Gymnastics | CraigDailyPress.com

‘Strive to be the best’: Five minutes with Jordan Porter, 18, instructor at Gymstar Fun N Fit Gymnastics

Jordan Porter, center, hangs out on the uneven bars at Gymstar Fun N Fit Gymnastics with students Heidi Snow, 4, left, and Arianna Anderson, 6. Porter, 18, is an instructor for the business and has participated in gymnastics most of her life. A 2012 Moffat County High School graduate, she will attend the University of Northern Colorado in the fall and plans to become a preschool teacher.
Andy Bockelman

Where is your hometown? “I was born in Denver.”

When did you first move to Craig? “We moved here when I was 5 because my dad got transferred to Hayden for his job and they found a place in Craig.”

Motto or outlook on life? “Always strive to be the best that you can be.”

When did you first get started in your job? “I’ve been coaching for five years, and I work with kids up to 14. I did gymnastics from when I was 2 to 16. My mom and I were watching the Olympics when I was little and I started doing cartwheels on the edge of her table and she said, ‘We’re taking you and putting you in gymnastics.’ It takes a lot of hard work, and I really enjoy competing and learning a lot about responsibility and just really growing up. You give your life to this sport.”

Favorite part of life in Northwest Colorado? “The weather. It’s ever-changing and surprising. It keeps you on your toes because it could be 75 degrees one day and the next it’ll be 20 degrees and snowing.”

Least favorite? “The lack of things to do. You can’t really keep kids interested in doing the same old thing every day.”

Favorite meal from a local restaurant? “The Philly cheesesteak from Gino’s is really good. It would come down to that or pizza from pretty much anywhere. I’m a pizzaholic.”

Dream vacation? “A beach on Hawaii. I went there when I was 15 for an All-American cheerleading team and I spent six hours a day practicing while my family was on the beach, so I would totally go back and not practice and spend more time relaxing. I haven’t been anywhere that pretty before.”

Nightmare vacation? “Somewhere really cold with ice anywhere. Maybe Greenland or Antarctica.”

Plans for your education? “I just graduated, and I’m getting ready to go to (the University of Northern Colorado) in Greeley. I want to be a preschool teacher. I like the idea of giving kids a head start and being there when they’re starting out and you can push them in the right direction and teach them learning is fun and there are all these possibilities to life. They’re very egocentric when they’re 3, 4 years old and you open them up to a whole new experience with friends and being able to start them on the right path is important.”

Proudest accomplishment? “I don’t know if I have just one. For cheerleading, it was making that All-American team and for education, it’s graduating high school and being accepted to a college. Coaching these kids and being part of their lives is really important to me, too.”

Most embarrassing moment? “It was Homecoming week my junior year, and I was really dressed up with heels. Right after school, I was going down the second-floor stairs and everyone was sitting on the bench there just hanging out. Then, I tripped and went flying down the stairs and everyone in the entire school was staring at me. I couldn’t cheer at the game because I got a concussion when I hit my head, so it was pretty bad. (Laughs)”

Message for your dad this Father’s Day? “Despite all that’s happened with him moving away and my parents getting divorced, I still really do love him. He’s still a huge part of my life and I want to keep it that way.”

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