Strict director, better performance |

Strict director, better performance

Heather Dahlberg's strict directing helps Footloose cast

Sarah Dippel, Blue Print

Heather Dahlberg, director of this year’s musical, Footloose, chose this specific play for two reasons. Last year’s Sound of Music was very traditional. The slow, traditional music made Dahlberg realize a more contemporary musical would be better for the kids this year. The revision of the 80’s movie Footloose came out only a couple weeks ago. “I thought we could use that as kind of a marketing tool,” Dahlberg said.

With more dancing this year than ever, the cast has been having trouble getting the dances down and perfected for the performance starting November 17. There is more dancing in Footloose then there has been in any other musical or play. “Dahlberg has to be hard on us for us to be good,” Kat Thompson, playing the character of Ariel, said. Dahlberg expects a lot out of the cast. “I can be hard on them,” she said.

Most of the freshmen are doing well with the play, while others struggle. Some cannot get the dances down and others have trouble memorizing their lines. The upperclassmen are helping the freshmen along with the play. “I know when I was a freshmen and a senior told me to do something, I said okay and did it,” said Thompson. Most everything is ready for the performance except for the set. “That’s been a little stressful since that is what we act on,” Dahlberg said. The cast and crew have been putting in extra hours to ensure the set is completed in time.

Ariel’s solo I Need a Hero, is what Kat Thompson is looking forward to. “I get to wear a sparkly black dress and red cowboy boots,” Thompson said. While Footloose is an incredible challenge for Dahlberg, the cast, and the musicians, they are confident that it will be a success.