Steve and Tracey Lathrop: Great community |

Steve and Tracey Lathrop: Great community

To the editor:

In the aftermath of the loss of our home to fire Dec. 7, the community has reached out to us with gifts, hugs, understanding ears and endless patience. And the list goes on. The Craig community has been awesome. Our hearts overflow with gratitude we don’t have enough words to express.

We would love to thank everyone individually, and will continue to try. Ute and Tim Jantz, the Oxleys, CBC, Red Cross, Advocates, Craig Police Department, Moffat County Sheriff’s Office, Craig RFD, Peggy and Dennis Craig, Kyla and Steve Gifford, Tim and Lilah Douglas, Shantele and Toby LeDoux, Denise and Larry Rogers, Kristen and Art Gore, Dave Van Wagner (your kindness will always be remembered), my boss, Craig Thornhill. And friend Sybil for digging through the rubble with me. The loan of your watch, friends Robbie and Edna Robinson for fostering our wild wiener dogs (I don’t know if I’m ever going to get them unspoiled!). The Skate and Soup fundraiser at Loudy-Simpson Ice Arena was a lot of fun, and a lot of people showed up — a friend of ours drove all the way from Pueblo to join us. So many friends showed up, it was so heartwarming! Our daughters, Cecilia, Allie, Kara and co-grandma Glenda, as well as son Patrick, thank you for putting on such a fun fundraiser! A special thanks to Christina and Kevin Oxley for coming to the event — it was so good to meet you and to know I’ve not lost my mind along with my home. Your words, and kindnesses were incredibly healing! God bless you!
We want to also thank our son John, and his wife and family, Kara, Kalli and Konor, for welcoming us into their home so warmly, generously, and kindly. It’s been a whirlwind for them, and they’ve just graciously welcomed us.
Cecilia and Allie, thank you for digging through the rubble to see what could be saved. That’s a long, tedious and cold process.
Our youngest daughter, Cecilia, her husband, Dan, and their two daughters came down to see — really see that you are OK, Granny and Grampy. We really just want to say thank you to everyone. Our journey isn’t over, but at least we are together. We have each other, our family and our community behind us. We are warm, safe, dry, and most especially, loved. We are feeling the love, that’s for sure! Thank you, Craig!

My apologies to anyone I may have missed. I haven’t forgotten your kindness. My heart is just overflowing, and I can’t remember all the names — just know that your generosity is very much appreciated! We do love our little community! We’d also like to thank our kids: C. Sean and Nicole Pickens; Ray and May Jones and grandkids Emma, Evan and Aiden; our daughter Patty and her sweet husband, Kyle and grandson Aidan; and our returned Infantryman Scott Jones. Our family is the glue for us, and we cherish them all, near or far. Even though they’re no longer living in Craig, they all came from here, and have been in frequent contact, checking in. Helping with funds, elbow grease, love and prayers. Don, we are so lucky, and feel blessed at this Christmas season. Merry Christmas to all!

Steve and Tracey Lathrop



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