Stephen Ghirardelli: Surprise: Obama aids American veterans |

Stephen Ghirardelli: Surprise: Obama aids American veterans

On Tuesday, Sept. 9, your front-page article featured veteran Gar Williams recalling his trip to the Aug. 28 American Legion Convention. He came away, it appears, with a dim view of Sen. Obama’s regard for American war veterans. That’s too bad.

Does he know that, “In January 2007, Senator Obama reintroduced the Lane Evans Veterans Health and Benefits Improvement Act to improve the VA’s planning process to avoid budget shortfalls in the future”? Does Mr. Williams know that, “During the debate on the Fiscal Year 2007 budget, Senator Obama passed an amendment to increase funding for homeless veterans by $40 million”? Yes, these citations are from However, they are public record.

I, too, am a veteran. I found it strange that Mr. Williams would conclude, “If the wrong person wins – if Obama wins – we may have to move to Canada.” In 1969, I neither liked the Vietnam War nor the president, and I had the opportunity to flee to Canada. However, I enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and served two tours of duty, one in Northern Thailand and one in Vietnam.

Stephen Ghirardelli