Stephanie Pearce: You thought no one was looking |

Stephanie Pearce: You thought no one was looking

Stephanie Pearce

Hey you. Aren’t you a manager? I was one of your customers and I saw you. I saw you with that young girl you’re supposed to be an example to and someone she’s supposed to learn from. I saw her doing a great job and picking up what you were teaching her quickly. I would have thought you would have been happy with her. She really was doing a great job.

The way you degraded her by following her so closely, not letting her do her job, but asking questions for her while she was still writing down our order showed me how you really felt about her. You wanted to make her look slow and incompetent. When you thought no one was looking, we saw how you looked at this cute little girl with disgust. She was working her tail off, smiling and making a good rapport with her customers by making sure they were satisfied with her service. You just couldn’t stand it. I saw you.

I thought to myself, what an awesome teaching experience this could be for you. You could show this girl that a service job like this does depend on a great attitude toward your customers and hard work. You could show her what real teamwork is all about and not only retain a great employee but show her what a great manager is at the same time. Waiting tables is hard work, and to have someone so willing to work hard would make me happy if I were her manager.

Instead, I saw you. I saw how you are so unhappy with your job. I saw you were worried that a young girl could come in and do an awesome job and maybe your manager will notice. You wouldn’t want someone so excited to do their job possibly make you look like you’re lacking. You think that knowing what your customers drink before they tell you will keep them happy and coming back. Honestly, a sweet smile and someone who makes sure my glass is always full when I do order and comes back often to check on me means more to me than you remembering what I drank the last time I came in. If you’re worried that a young girl will get your manager’s attention, you’re probably right, but not because she’s cute, but because she cares about her customers and doing a great job, not worrying about herself. I saw you.

I saw how you never once gave her any positive reinforcement. Instead, you acted annoyed that you were training this totally trainable young lady. When you thought no one was looking, I saw you talking about her to your other staff. Your face turned ugly with her name on your lips. She, however, had a smile on her face and tried her best to deal with your negativity without letting it ruin her customer service. I was very impressed with how this young girl dealt with your sour attitude. I saw her.

I also see her going far in life. I don’t see her being a waitress forever. This girl obviously is management material. If she can take care of me as great as she did with you as a manager, she can succeed in any boardroom and hold her own. I see her going far while you are still miserable with your life and trying to make another girl want to quit her job.

I think you see that, too.

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