Stephanie Pearce: Turn in your ballots and vote |

Stephanie Pearce: Turn in your ballots and vote

Stephanie Pearce

This election has been weighing heavily on my mind. The most important thing you can do this election is fill your ballot out and get it turned back in. This election is so important, so please make sure that your vote counts. The races for U.S. Senate and governor are very tight, according to the polls, so please make sure you get out there and vote.

The issues have consumed me, and I have been watching the debates diligently. If you have missed them, Politico has them in full. They are a good watch. Again, I know they are politicians and they are working to win an election, so that is why I also have been watching previous interviews with them on YouTube and other sources such as Politico, Fox News and CNN. I have researched voting habits, watched the truth breakdowns of commercials and taken as many notes as I can on the candidates. I probably have done more research than I should. I just want to be informed, and I hope you have done the same.

I am getting to the point where the election commercials are so annoying, I hardly can bear to watch them, but I do find some of them a little entertaining — only from the point where I like to break them down and find the facts in their entirety since most of them include only half-truths from both sides of the campaigns. It does frighten me, however, that a lot of people will make their decisions based on the commercials without doing research.

It also bothers me that people may make a decision based on chatter they’ve heard. Discussion alone is not research. It’s like believing everything you hear is correct, and we all know that is not true. It’s OK to get other people’s opinions if you have done some research for yourself to form your own opinion. It’s always good to get a discussion going, but please don’t make that discussion your only research.

I hope that you have read your voter guides. These proposed amendments also deserve your research before a vote is cast. Educating yourself on the issues is so very important, and I hope you all are doing that. It doesn’t hurt to get your voter guides out and discuss them with people whose opinions you value, either. You often can bring out things in discussions that you wouldn’t have picked out on your own. Just use the voter guides as that — a guide for the discussion.

Please do your research. Please take this election seriously. Most importantly, please turn in your ballots and vote.

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