Stephanie Pearce: Trying to freeze time |

Stephanie Pearce: Trying to freeze time

Stephanie Pearce

Milestone birthdays can be exciting, but it seems the older you get, the less exciting they become. I was the youngest kid on our block growing up. I was quite a bit younger than most, and I always wanted to be older like the other children.

I remember being in kindergarten and sneaking in my sister’s part of the closet. She’s eight years older than me, so she was around 14. She had the prettiest girly clothes and shoes. I took a pair of her heels and wore them around the house. They were big chunky brown leather open toe heels from 1980. My mom laughed as I tried to walk around the house in those shoes that were way too big for me. That is until my sister came home. She threw a fit. She said I had scuffed her shoes, which now I’m sure I had, but I didn’t even understand what that meant at the time. I didn’t understand why she would be so mad. I mean I put them back and she didn’t even wear them. I just wanted to be big like her.

I remember wanting to play with the older kids on the block so much that I would have done anything so they would let me play with them. I don’t even remember which one of them put me up to it, but I remember them saying if I would moon the next car that came by, I could play with them. These teenage kids watched from the yard as the next car drove by and they were yelling “Do it or go home!” So, you guessed it, I did. My 6-year-old bum stuck out for the car to see and all the kids laughed and while the car slowed down as it drove by. And you probably guessed — they still didn’t let me play with them.

I couldn’t wait to get older so they would let me hang out with them. Funny thing was, as I got older, so did they. They left and I was there on the block mostly alone. There were a couple of little girls across the street. I was quite a bit older than them, but I still played together. Then there was another girl that moved in when I was 12 and we became great friends in middle school. We made a lot of memories together while doing a lot of fun and stupid things. But we both always said we couldn’t wait to get older too.

Now here I am, going to be 40 at the end of the month and looking on my younger years. I wouldn’t want to go back to childhood by any means, but I would love to not grow older. I would love to just freeze time right now and keep all the things around me just the same. If that could happen at 40, I would really look forward to this milestone.

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