Stephanie Pearce: The season of spring |

Stephanie Pearce: The season of spring

Stephanie Pearce
Stephanie Pearce

I love how the seasons work. The first day of spring is less than a month away. Spring, with all its newness will

be here. Isn’t it amazing that every year we get to see this entire freshness take place? What if we appreciated every day in our life like it was a season?

We have just come out from under the cold blanket of snow. This beautiful covering of all that was dead. This beauty that sparkled so that we wouldn’t have to see the ugliness of this winter hibernation. What if these winters in our lives were just a time for us to let go of things? A time to realize that even in our most ugly moments, there is still something beautiful to be thankful for, like the beautiful covering of snow.

If only we could look at every new beginning like this. Every change in our lives; the changes we make happen and the ones we can’t control. If we could know that even though things look dead and cold, we can expect spring like weather just ahead.

If only we could look at those around us who we know are going through ups and downs and celebrate their new beginnings instead of pointing out what the snow had covered. Instead of bringing to mind the cold, dead of winter and all the ugliness they used to be. We need to let that disappear under the snow and help them to focus on what’s ahead, like waiting for crocuses to bloom in the spring.

You see, just like the seasons, people are constantly transforming. It may be no control of their own or it may be because they make it happen, but people are always changing.

I am always adjusting and learning. The things I want to leave behind, I let go of. I let them sit under the blanket of snow until they are washed clean in the melting, and I can’t see them anymore. By this time I’m concentrating on how to make my life better — my spring crocuses.

There is a purpose for every time in your life, just as there is a purpose for every season. You may not like every moment in these times, but you can find something to appreciate in every season; something to be thankful for. I’m not fond of winter, but I do appreciate the frozen sparkles on the leafless trees making them look magical. I do appreciate how the blanket of snow shimmers in the sun and makes everything seem almost clean.

But oh how I enjoy the spring. I can’t wait for all that new, deep green grass to poke out of the ground. I can’t wait for the bluebirds to fly outside my window. I can’t wait for the smell of the earth as it thaws and bursts forth life.

So, whatever you may be going through right now, look for something positive in it. Then take a deep breath and remember it is only a season and seasons change. Spring might be just around the corner waiting to add color and beauty back into life.

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