Stephanie Pearce: The mother/daughter bond |

Stephanie Pearce: The mother/daughter bond

Stephanie Pearce
Stephanie Pearce

There’s always a special bond between a mother and a daughter. Sometimes it takes a little time for the lessons a mother can teach her daughter to really take hold.

A mother and daughter sit on a couch together going over their day. The mother is irritated with some of the choices the daughter has made. The daughter is irritated with the mother for sharing her opinion and rules so freely. The thing is they could learn so much from each other.

The mother saw the look in her daughter’s eyes when they would disagree. She would hear the words that come out of her daughter’s mouth that sometimes could be painful to the mother. The mom wasn’t trying to be hateful or mean when she gave her advice, she just wanted so much for the daughter to choose the right path and make the right choices.

The daughter would look at her mom and think, “She has no idea what my life is like right now. She never was as pretty as me. She never had boys text her or message her. That wasn’t even around when she was my age.” The daughter would get so angry. How could her mom give her advice about things she knew nothing about?

The mom loved the daughter and stuck to her guns with her rules. She continued to give out her advice. She also learned how different the world is now compared to when she was a young adult. She learned it might not be as easy. Things aren’t as private as they once were with most people now sharing their every move in cyberspace. She learned that her daughter really was making good choices. She learned communication nowadays has changed and she needed to change.

The daughter did listen to her mother. She did try to take her advice even though most times it wasn’t asked for or even wanted. She just knew that everything she was accomplishing was because she tried really hard, not necessarily because of the guidance or direction she was receiving from her mother.

The years rolled by and, eventually, the mother passed. The daughter visits her mother’s headstone. She talks to her as if she’s right there with her. She tells her mother about her own daughter and how strong willed she is. How she doesn’t think she’s listening and how the daughter says things to her that sometimes breaks her heart. Warmth comes over her as she realizes this must be exactly how her mother felt all those years ago. Tears fell down her cheeks.

Later at home, she sits on the couch with her daughter going over their day. She looks at her daughter and smiles. The daughter asks why she’s smiling. The mother kisses her daughter’s forehead and says, “You’ll know when you have a daughter of your own. You’ll know.”

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