Stephanie Pearce: The joys of marriage |

Stephanie Pearce: The joys of marriage

Stephanie Pearce
Stephanie Pearce

It is amazing how people grow and change during a span of years. Celebrating 17 years of marriage during Memorial Day weekend, I reflected on how much we have changed in those years. Our dreams have changed and we’ve grown together.

When I first started seeing my husband, before we went out on our first official date, he wanted to meet my parents. Now most people I had dated until then already knew my parents and it wasn’t something they would ever voluntarily go do. I tried to talk my husband out of it, but he insisted that he introduce himself to them, so before we went to dinner, we drove to my parents’ house. He walked in, shook hands with them and told them he wanted to seriously date me. He sat and talked with my dad for a while because a couple of my uncles had worked for his grandpa. When we left for dinner, my husband went ahead of me to the car, but my dad called me back. He said, “Don’t screw this up. We like this one.” I was already pretty impressed with him for even wanting to go see my parents in the first place. Most people I had dated would do anything to not see my parents.

Then there was the wedding. It was a hoot. I sang to him at our wedding and he tried to sing with me, which made me laugh a little. He doesn’t sing real well. We did have a great time celebrating with friends and family. My best friend came and stood up with me and we went to the Grand Olde West Days concert after the wedding and reception. What a way to celebrate such a memorable day.

We started our life together and started raising our son and daughter. We had a little house in town and we made lots of memories there. We had so many changes in our first 10 years together.

I had changed professions a couple of times. I went from secretarial work to working in schools during the school year and bakeries and delivering pizza in the summer then back to secretarial work and even being a stay-at-home mom for a couple of years. He went from working at the mine to pipelining. Pipelining, in a strange way, brought us closer than we ever had been. Even though he spent almost two years straight living in other states following the pipeline jobs, we had to communicate better to stay close.

We bought the ranch in 2004. We sold our little house in town and moved to the ranch. I wouldn’t have changed that for anything in the world. I loved raising my kids there. I love seeing my kids be kids here and being able to learn the really important things that life has to teach us. They’ve learned how things grow, how things die and how to be themselves.

We’ve gone through some hard times. We’ve learned that we still love each other through those hard times.

I may have not envisioned my life with my husband the way it’s turned out. I had many plans that never came to be. I’ve had many come to be that I had never planned.

I’m just thankful for every moment of change and every growing pain in these seventeen years, and I wouldn’t have wanted to spend them with anyone else.

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