Stephanie Pearce: Thank you, veterans |

Stephanie Pearce: Thank you, veterans

Stephanie Pearce
Stephanie Pearce

Thank you. Those words just aren’t enough for the sacrifice given. Thank you seems to be so little in return for the life that has been payed down for my freedom.

Thank you though. In a day and time when honor has been lost, somehow, on people who are far less than honorable. I say “thank you” to those who sacrifice everything for people they don’t know and who sometimes don’t deserve it.

When I look at this world and see we are criminalizing those who serve and protect us while making those who do wrong out to be heroes, I cringe. I wonder if we’ve gone too far in the wrong direction. I see people trampling flags, looting, and killing innocent people and we seem to glorify them when we need to not give them press time.

Instead, we should look to those who chose right, who choose to protect us, who choose to give us their all. We should do more to put them in the spotlight, to show the good they do and how much they give. Make the real heroes shine.

As we celebrate today in remembrance of those fallen heroes, please say a prayer of thanks. Do something today to show your gratitude toward them. Even a small gesture will do. Don’t ever forget the price paid for your freedom and please don’t ever let them think it was paid in vain. Don’t ever take it for granted.

As the James Otto song says, “There’s only two people whose ever died for me…. Soldiers and Jesus.” For that, please accept this humble “thank you.”

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