Stephanie Pearce: Thank special people in your life |

Stephanie Pearce: Thank special people in your life

Stephanie Pearce

There’s a lady I know that sits at her desk and works. She works without complaining. She loves her job and the people she works with, often referring to them as family. She has been at her job for 25 years, spending many more waking hours with this “family” than her blood family.

This lady is my confidant, my psychologist, my friend. I get to work and see her smiling face and no matter what kind of day I am having she can get me to smile, too. She has a laugh that is so catching and she is not afraid to laugh — even at herself. We can make even talking about homemade jam something to laugh about (she makes a great homemade jam, by the way).

She has the biggest heart. Her compassion rivals that of Mother Theresa. She sees the best in everyone, and if anyone is hurting or struggling, she always is thinking up ways to help them. Even if it’s a card or a just a word of encouragement with a hug, she is willing to put herself out there.

She gives some of the best advice I’ve ever received. Anytime she sees that I could improve something I’m doing, she always asks if she can give me a tip before she does and I know it’s followed by some great knowledge. She continuously is looking out for me and helping me improve at work. I so look forward to learning from her every day.

We traveled for work last year and in the midst of some very difficult moments for her family, she made sure we had a great time. We told stories about our families and giggled and cried and talked way too late. I will treasure that little trip because I learned so much.

She has been through so much, but never lets it negatively have an emotional impact on her. She has a way of seeing the silver lining to almost any situation and in her pain, you see a silent strength. You know she’s hurting, but you also know she will be okay. She is just that amazing.

They don’t make people like her anymore. She definitely is an original. I mean a person that can see the best in anyone. She’s a person that gives a company the best that she has and then some. She’s a person that stays with a company for 25 years and cares more about the company than her career.

I’ve known this beautiful soul for about 20 years, and I can honestly say that I am so lucky to have had her be a part of my life. I know some amazingly inspirational people and she definitely is one of them. Thank you, my friend, for always showing me your strength and being my friend. You truly are an amazing woman.

There’s this amazing woman who looks like any other woman sitting at an office desk diligently working hard. She could be any woman you know. She could be the one in the office next to you. So smile at her today. Tell her she’s amazing. Tell her she’s one of a kind. Tell her thank you for being part of your work family. I just did.

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