Stephanie Pearce: Stricter punishment not stricter laws |

Stephanie Pearce: Stricter punishment not stricter laws

Stephanie Pearce

Stephanie Pearce

I've been sitting in hospital rooms for the past week. I've seen how I have been a protective mamma bear when I didn't feel that care was what it should be. I have tools I can use to protect those that I love to be sure they are safe and well cared for. I can use my voice to show my concerns and to show with emotion that I am serious and concerned. In a hospital setting, these things work.

Now imagine that I am in my home and there is an armed intruder. What can I use to defend those I love and to show I'm serious? My voice? If I scream, will the sound of my voice stop a bullet? Will it stop a person that can physically take me? No.

I honestly don't understand people rationalizing how limiting access to weapons and ammunition to law abiding citizens helps keep weapons and ammunition away from people who shouldn't have them. People who shouldn't have them are getting them with laws in place now. More laws restricting access to everyone isn't the answer.

People who commit mass murders don't value life. They will find a way to carry out their murders with or without guns. The most recent shooters had bombs. Are we going to limit the access to the products that go into all bombs? That will affect everything we use every day from cleaning supplies to baking supplies.

How about we uphold the laws that we have in place now? I know that most of these murders kill themselves at the scene, but those who don't should be held to the strictest of punishment.

We have been demonizing those who are there to protect us, making victims out of criminals and think we should make decisions for the masses based on the actions of a few. How can our country continue in these thought processes? How can we get people to understand that giving up our rights, letting most play victims, and playing Americans against each other is only making us fall apart and more easily accessible to people who want to hurt us as a country.

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I am all for criminals not having guns, but seriously, more laws making it harder are not the answer when criminals can still get them illegally. It's kind of like prohibition. Did that work? Nope. It made people hide it, make it themselves, and made it worth a whole lot more money.

I know that our founding fathers thought it was important enough for us to be armed that they made it the second amendment to the constitution. I know that I find it important enough that I will be a mamma bear when it comes to protecting my family. We use our guns for protection for predators at our ranch varying from coyotes to snakes. I've never had to use them for protection from people, but I wouldn't just use my voice if the time ever came.