Stephanie Pearce: Springtime brings brightness out of the dark |

Stephanie Pearce: Springtime brings brightness out of the dark

Stephanie Pearce
Stephanie Pearce

Spring is here. Finally. A season of change. A season of growth. A season of moving forward. While we all know spring still brings dark, snowy days once in a while, we have those green blades of grass that we’ll soon see.

No matter how dark or full of grief our winter has been, we know change and spring are coming. It keeps us going. If we thought we would love in the darkness and cold of winter forever, we would never progress out of depression or grief.

The tulips poking green stems throughout the landscapes make us excited for the bursts of bright colors we have missed all winter. It makes us smile, joyful for what is to come.

The new life of calves and sheep dot our views as we travel the valley. The sweet new animals finding their legs take off jumping, bucking and running. You can’t help but feel their joy as they run around. No room for depression there.

The warmth of the sun comes more often and stays longer every day. It shines its light and makes you feel alive. The energy it brings is catching. Outside is where we want to be. We don’t want to miss the chance to be active and in the midst of this change. Especially after winter and being inside by the fire — it brought comfort. We enjoy the change in warmth from the sun.

The winter was rough. We lost too many dear people and our grief needed to be felt. We are left here to see the spring without them physically here. But if you look at these changes and then close your eyes, you can feel them here. They are in the changes. They are in the colors that come. They are in the warmth from sun.

Spring is here. Feel the happiness it brings. Avoid being lost in the guilt for welcoming the spring in your grief. Use this spring to remember those that have passed in the beauty that comes.

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