Stephanie Pearce: Small gestures of love |

Stephanie Pearce: Small gestures of love

Stephanie Pearce

With Valentine’s Day at the end of the week, it has got me thinking about love and what we think are gestures of love. I think it’s different for everyone, but I will share with you what I’ve learned throughout the years.

When I was young, I thought love was in the grand gestures. You know, like the dates with flowers and candlelight. I thought it was in the most outrageous, thought-out and dramatic marriage proposals. Like the flash mob proposals that have gone viral on YouTube. I used to think that Valentine’s would be so romantic every year and lots of flowers and romantic dinners would wait for me on that day.

Throughout the years, I learned that those things are nice, but there is so much more to love — and it’s not in the grand gestures. I learned that a picnic in the back of a pickup on a back road can be much more inviting and meaningful than dates with flowers and candlelight. I’ve learned that simple proposals can be just as meaningful with many years together behind them, and that matters more than any dramatic proposal. I also learned that a Valentine’s Day celebrated a few days early so we beat the crowds of people trying to eat out can be better than sitting in a restaurant full of people I don’t want to be with.

You see, it’s the little things that add up and make me truly love my husband. It’s the way he touches my hand when we drive to town. It’s chopping wood and coal and stoking a fire so we stay warm at night. It’s the goofy texts that make no sense throughout the day just so I know he’s thinking about me. It’s the kisses before we leave the house and when we come home. It is helping his son up in the middle of the night after our family was in a car crash and our bodies were pretty beat up. It is letting his daughter learn to drive his manual diesel truck through Steamboat and keeping his cool. It is hauling that same girl to rodeos and practices.

You see, it’s in the everyday things of life where you see true love, not the once-in-a-while things. It’s in the everyday that you decide you truly love someone, not in the grand gestures. It’s in the everyday that you build a life together. It’s in the everyday that the best memories are made.

So, don’t discount your better half’s love for you because they don’t go out of their way to make grand gestures. Look for their steady, little acts of love that they do for you. The ones that show they are in for the long haul and still will be there when the audience is gone. Look at all the little gestures they do for you and think of all the gestures of love you share with them, too. This Valentine’s Day, appreciate those little gestures of love.

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