Stephanie Pearce: Right one worth waiting for |

Stephanie Pearce: Right one worth waiting for

Stephanie Pearce

There was a girl with a wild spirit full of fire. She could do anything she put her mind to. She was focused and she had her goals right in sight. As the years passed, she started to turn into a very beautiful young lady. She still was very focused on her goals.

Many a young man tried to woo her, sidetrack her and show her with with many actions and words how much they cared. The girl would let them get close enough that she might just start to lose focus, but something always would bring her back. When that would happen, she would drop the young men like a hot potato. The boys usually wouldn’t know what hit them. She would seem so cold and distant.

The young lady started getting a reputation of being snobby, cold-hearted and rude. She may have come across that way to most. She was so focused on her dreams that she didn’t want anyone to take away her ability to achieve them the way she saw it.

She was scared that having to think about someone else’s feelings would ruin her focus. She was scared that being with someone would mean that she would have to give up something that she wanted. She was scared of being hurt.

Then one day, someone came along. He didn’t woo her. He didn’t pressure her. He was just there. He didn’t make himself known in any grand way. He would look at her and smile once in a while. At first, she ignored him, but he intrigued her.

One day, many months down the road, she finally approached him. He was happy but didn’t push it. He let her decide if she wanted him around.

Eventually, she decided he didn’t want to take anything away. He wanted to add to her experiences. He didn’t want her to give up anything. He wanted to help her achieve her dreams.

With all of her fears gone, she was able to give him her heart. So, the girl who was so cold-hearted gave her warm, beating heart to the patient, sweet young man.

Spring seems to be a great time for new loves and the starts of new relationships. Remember to be patient and watchful. Not everyone is as they seem, and the right one may just be worth waiting for.

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