Stephanie Pearce: Planning for prom |

Stephanie Pearce: Planning for prom

Stephanie Pearce
Stephanie Pearce

Living in the middle of nowhere like we do, we travel for everything we do. This travel requires planning.

Right now, we are planning traveling for prom. The dress came and it does fit, thank goodness. Now is just getting there and having fun.

The daughter’s date lives in Walden, so we are going to stay there. These boys are pretty famous at all the 4-H functions because of their great charm and dancing abilities. They are the Russell boys. The awesome part of all of this is his whole family is such a joy to be around.

Living in small communities like we do and understanding each other makes this planning process so much more enjoyable. I was just on a phone call with the date’s mother planning what foods to bring because this has turned into not just an evening date, but an all-day event with a several-family sleepover.

When we were finished planning, the date’s twin, Bryce, told his mom he had to talk to me. (Normally, I don’t mention names in my column, but Bryce asked me to because he’s a ham.)

There are three boys; Clay, Blake and Bryce. Bryce is quite the character.

Well, all the boys are, but Bryce has that personality that makes you just laugh. He could just smile at you from across the room and make you laugh. I think that’s his favorite thing about me too, that I make him laugh.

While we spoke, the other two boys walk by and yell, “I love you Stephanie!” into the phone. I yell, “I love you too!” and Bryce conveys my message to them. They make everyone feel like family, Bryce especially.

You can’t feel out of place or left out as long as Bryce is around. I almost think the boy could have a good shot in politics, but he’s too honest for that.

It looks like we will have a great prom day. We will arrive in Walden at 10 in the morning. Apparently the boys have a full day planned with their dates.

I have a feeling that part of it will be tagging calves. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s putting ear tags, kind of like piercing their ears, which match their mother’s tags. I think it will be fun for the boys and their dates and it’s free labor for their parents.

Kind of makes having so many houseguests worth it for them, I guess. I think they will ride horses and rope a little and then get ready for prom.

In all seriousness, it should be fun.

The parents of the dates get to hang out with the boys’ parents and have a great time too. First, we’ll get the kids ready then go to town for pictures and dinner.

After that we will watch the grand entrance at the school. Then, when they are dancing and having fun at after prom, we will be back at the house watching movies and playing games until they get home.

This may take a little planning, but I’m sure in the end, it will be totally worth it. I’m looking forward to this prom weekend almost as much as my daughter.

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