Stephanie Pearce: On to a New Year |

Stephanie Pearce: On to a New Year

Stephanie Pearce

Stephanie Pearce

Christmas is over. The gift wrapping is in the garbage. The leftovers are in the freezer. The gifts are all being used. The tree is still up though. It will stay lit and decorated through the New Year. Then the holiday season will be completely over.

This holiday season was a rough one for me personally and for many others I have heard. I was so touched by everyone who graciously gave to many others and me this year with their time, gifts and love. Those people may never know how deeply their willingness to share can touch someone.

People I know bought presents for less fortunate children. On their lists of things they wanted were mostly things they needed, such as boots, gloves and coats. What really touched me was knowing most people bought them things they thought the children would enjoy and not just need.

I heard people who make minimum wage doing very meaningful jobs and not asking for a thing. A group of people were touched by all they do and bought them fixings for Christmas dinner for their families. Just because.

The holidays are full of such stories. However, this is how we should live every single day of every year.

Soup kitchens feed people year round. Food pantries hand out food year round. People are hurting year round. We need to train ourselves to be open to helping year round.

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Even the smallest gift such as a note telling how someone touched your life can go a long, long way. A smile, helping someone find groceries at the store or a compliment are all little gifts that go a long way to change someone’s outlook.

Also, realize that this life isn’t all about you or what you can get out of it. Make a real mark by changing the world for others. In turn, it changes your life for the better. So, being selfless fulfills you in a totally unselfish way.

My goals for the New Year are simple.

I plan to give back more. I want to purposely help someone better themselves. I plan to smile more and complain less. My favorite thing at work is the smiles of my co-workers. I want to give that back more. A complaining person can ruin everyone’s outlook in a matter of minutes. When you’re smiling more, how can you complain?

I hope you purpose to make some goals that will help to keep the Christmas spirit all year long. Have a Happy New Year!