Stephanie Pearce: National Friendship day is coming up — plan something with your friend |

Stephanie Pearce: National Friendship day is coming up — plan something with your friend

Stephanie Pearce
Stephanie Pearce

National Friendship day is Aug. 4, so that made me think that friendship would be a perfect topic to cover this week.

I wrote about my best friend a while back. She doesn’t live here, but we still are extremely close. We make an effort to stay in touch, and I know we will be friends, as the saying goes, “until we are senile and are new friends again.”

A few years ago, we decided we would make time for “us” and meet for a weekend in Denver. She flew in and we had a wonderful time catching up, relaxing and having a night on the town.

We started our Saturday morning with a drive to Evergreen where we had booked a spa day at Tall Grass spa. This was one of the best experiences I have ever had. The views were amazing. It was out close to the middle of nowhere in the mountains near a river. We were greeted by a lovely girl who gave us robes to change into, some little sandwiches and cucumber water. She led us to a patio area that overlooked aspen trees and the river while we waited to be called for our facials and massages.

We probably annoyed the other spa goers as we reminisced and laughed, but we didn’t care. It had been about three years since we had been together. We had planned on seeing each other before then, but it never worked out. We talked, but there is nothing like face time with your friend. We actually had our hair and makeup done before we left so we were ready for our night on the town.

We made it back to the hotel and got into our fancy clothes and headed to downtown Denver for the evening. We had a wonderful dinner at an Italian restaurant. We went dancing at a famous club downtown and stayed out way too late. We caught a cab back to the hotel and slept in.

The next day we went to the mall and shopped all day. It was like we were teenagers again, browsing stores, eating in the café court and people watching. That is our favorite pass time. We love watching people in the big city and making fun of them (don’t judge, you know you do it too).

We went to dinner that night and talked about how we didn’t want this weekend to end. We cried about how we will miss each other. We decided that we would make this a yearly adventure. We would make time every year and our goal is to make a trip and hit all 50 states in those trips before we die.

Unfortunately, life has happened and we haven’t made it out of Colorado in our visits. I still want to hit our goal. I’m thinking the East Coast would be a great place to start our journey again. The states are so small back there. I think we could hit several in one weekend.

So, as National Friendship day approaches, think about your best friend and something you can do for them to show how much you care. It doesn’t have to be a weekend getaway, maybe it’s just a coffee date. Whatever it is, make sure they know how much you care.

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