Stephanie Pearce: More on the Senate race |

Stephanie Pearce: More on the Senate race

Stephanie Pearce

When I started writing these columns almost two years ago, I was sharing the little things that were so important to me. As I keep writing, I realize the little things I cherish are coming under attack. We live in a country-minded community full of hardworking people. We need to realize that in the upcoming elections, the way we vote can have huge impacts on all the things that are important to all of us.

One thing that is important to me is that we vote someone in who will listen and represent us in Washington. Did you know that Senate candidate Cory Gardner, as a congressman for Colorado, elected to not participate in the congressional health care plan? I watched an interview with Rep. Gardner from Sept. 26, 2013, on CNN’s “Crossfire” to get this information. He opted to buy insurance as his constituents in Colorado have to.

He and his wife found a plan that matched their family needs in a very rural part of Colorado. They were one of the many who received a letter saying that thanks to Obamacare, their insurance policy was being canceled. He wanted the viewers to realize how the president had lied about the fact that they could keep their insurance and how Mark Udall had stood right behind everything the president had said. Even when it was shown that insurance policies were being canceled, Mark Udall still stood behind the president and tried to make it out to be not quite the big deal that it was.

Sen. Udall would not opt for the same insurance choices as his voters but pushed to make sure they had to. He lied to us and continues to support this failing health care act. What other things will be good enough for us, but not for him? Which of these two do you feel more comfortable with knowing only one is willing to endure this act that has been put upon us?

Udall voted against the Keystone XL Pipeline. When the pipelines were active in this area, we were booming again. When the pipelines are being built, work is plentiful. Not only in the area where they are being laid, but thousands of jobs would be created. My husband had worked on pipelines here as well as all across the country, and you can believe that even though he wasn’t working here, I was spending money here. We were really blessed when he was traveling and I was able to contribute to our local economy because of it. There are plenty of other pipeline wives who would do the same throughout the country.

It’s important to me to vote for someone who understands our energy industries, our agriculture industries and our hunting and tourism industries. I don’t want a politician who is running off emotional women’s social issues that aren’t truly even issues in the big picture (no Senate is going to change the abortion laws or make birth control impossible to get). I recognize that both are politicians and both are running for an office. It is important to do the research and make an informed decision. Find what is important to you, do your research and vote the way you believe.

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