Stephanie Pearce: Make some good opportunities |

Stephanie Pearce: Make some good opportunities

Stephanie Pearce
Stephanie Pearce

Opportunity is a set of circumstances that make it possible for you to do something. This particular moment, my husband and I were coming home from Denver. We make this drive more than I would like, but we never seem to stop anywhere other than our normal bathroom breaks at Kum and Go’s. These trips are either for rodeo or for doctors, so usually there is no opportunity to stop and take in the sights between here and there.

Sometimes we make our own opportunity. This trip, my husband looked at me and said, “We should ride the train! I have always wanted to do it and we shouldn’t let an opportunity like this go by when days aren’t guaranteed.” We made our own opportunity. Sometimes it’s not easy to let circumstances make it possible to do things. I have been in such control of how things should go that I miss these chances to take advantage of these times. Sometimes it’s a simple choice just to make it happen.

So, as much as I just wanted to get home, I also wanted to experience this moment with my husband. We just had our 18th anniversary, but the day went by with little celebration because we were watching our daughter at the State High School Rodeo Finals. I wanted to take the time to make a memory, not just another trip home.

We stopped in Georgetown and bought tickets for the train. When we got on, there were a lot of tourists taking tons of pictures, but they didn’t bother me. I didn’t need tons of photos. I just needed to look into my husband’s eyes and see the smile on his face. The train started moving forward and then after a few hundred feet, started moving backward.

The conductor let us know that the engine wasn’t going to pull the train, but instead it would push us up the hill. This struck me too. Sometimes we think we know how life is going to go. We go with the flow and how we’ve been told things go, just like the engine pulling the train. Then, out of nowhere, you realize how much easier things could be if you try it another way. If you just take time every once in a while to do something new things they could bring some peace to your life.

Riding up the mountain, I smelled the pines, watched Clear Creek rush down the mountain and saw some beautiful scenery. I also held my husband’s hand and didn’t feel like I had to rush this to be somewhere else. Normally, I’m working, chasing kids, and prepping for the next thing. Rarely do I have a chance to just enjoy something spontaneous. I am pretty sure I smiled all the way up and back down the mountain.

Back at the truck getting ready to get on the road back home, my husband said, “The next opportunity we get like this, we are jumping out of a plane.” I can guarantee I won’t be jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, but I will take more opportunities to appreciate opportunities with my spouse.

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