Stephanie Pearce: Low participation from Craig adults raises concerns |

Stephanie Pearce: Low participation from Craig adults raises concerns

Stephanie Pearce
Stephanie Pearce

Our thoughts on our community are a reflection of our thoughts on ourselves. I noticed this as I sat in on the City Council Forum put on by the Bears Ears Patriots. The way we see our community is largely based on how we see ourselves in our community.

During the forum a question was asked about how, if elected, they would address the apathy toward our community. We hear people say there’s nothing to do, there’s lack of opportunity for our youth, it’s ugly, and we hate it here. How can we change the attitude of those who live here to love it here? The candidates gave great answers and obviously they do love our community or they wouldn’t be running. Ms. Davis-Kling’s answer intrigued me. She stated we aren’t Denver, we are a small community. We have a lot to offer, but we won’t be Denver. We won’t have a lot of those options because we are small, but that is a lot of the draw of living here.

My thoughts on this are the same to fix a lot of problems in life in general. It must start at home, and you must look at this town with gratitude. When I was little, I grew up pretty poor, but I never lacked for things I needed. I didn’t get to participate in most of the events my kids have. There was no money for gymnastics, traveling for rodeo, or sports, but I never thought there was nothing to do. I was taught that community is everything, to give back, and if I wanted to make a difference then it was up to me — not anyone to do it for me. My attitude toward my community was always a positive one, and it started at home.

As I grew up, I saw the value in our community even more. I wanted to raise my children here. This is a great little place and there is plenty to do. As for lack of opportunity for our youth, again, it starts at home. I’m not sure what opportunities people think are lacking, but we have great programs that help kids go far. It is our job as parents to find those things for our children. We have the Boys and Girls Clubs, 4-H, sports of all kinds, music and voice instructors, dance, etc.

My daughter has had amazing opportunities that have taken her all over the world. These opportunities came through hard work and effort from our entire family, but especially her. We, as a family, helped get her to events, helped pay for events, and the tools she needs to do whatever it is she is participating in. I don’t accept that there is lack of opportunities for our youth. I say instead, there may be lack of participation on the part of adults to make those opportunities happen for the youth.

When my daughter looked at me and said, “I would love to raise a family and stay here in Craig or Moffat County.” I was full of pride. Our heritage runs deep here. I’m glad I have made her look at our community in such a positive way. I made her feel valuable and cherished and that’s how she looks at her community. How she sees her community is a reflection of how she sees herself and it all starts at home.

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