Stephanie Pearce: Life is short; spend time with loved ones |

Stephanie Pearce: Life is short; spend time with loved ones

Stephanie Pearce

Life passes by so quickly. The loss of someone we love is bound to happen because no one lives forever. Some are taken way too soon, and we will never understand why. The past couple of years, so much loss has passed through our families and our friends. That’s why it is so important to make sure your life was a life worth living.

Some people have a bucket list. A list made of things they want to accomplish before they die. For some, that’s seeing far off places, or having experiences such as skydiving. Those are nice things to experience and there isn’t anything wrong with wanting to realize certain dreams in your lifetime. What will make your life memorable though? Will it be those things you do with and for others.

We focus so much in this life on what we can achieve. We try to be the best in school so we can get into a good college. Then we try our best in obtaining a degree so that we can get a good job. When we get that good job, we work hard to be promoted so that we can have nice things for our families. We try hard to be the best. To be accomplished. But what if we put that much effort into those we love?

When we are gone from this Earth, no one we truly love will remember all the time we tried really hard to give them what they wanted. No, they will remember the time you spent with them. The times you took the grandkids to school and picked them up while taking them out for a treat. The times you took them fishing or camping. The times you passed down a skill of yours to them and poured your time into them.

Relationships are not easy. Especially in this day and age when it is so easy to get caught up in technology and just check out. I am really bad about this. I can get lost in my phone or the Internet when I don’t want to deal with people, and it makes me look busy so no one bothers me.

Relationships with people are risky. There is no guarantee with them. There are usually no public thanks or acknowledgements like you can get through a successful career. So, the reward is your relationship.

Good relationships are built on selflessness and that is really hard in this selfish world we live in. Plenty of people are great at talking up their relationships, but what tells you if you are truly loved? How those people you love share their time with you. Are you making them a priority?

Memories will be your greatest achievement in the end. Memories of how someone made time for you or you for them. Memories of the effort you made to make someone a priority. To show them how much you love them. Make sure in the end that your life meant something to someone by making strong relationships. Make yours a life worth living.

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