Stephanie Pearce: Know the issues and stand up to fight |

Stephanie Pearce: Know the issues and stand up to fight

Stephanie Pearce
Stephanie Pearce

The other night, in the lightning and the thunder, I sat on the couch reading. I saw the flashes of light out my window and then the thunder rolled. Our red heeler came running. He started whining, and I patted his head and told him it was okay. The lightning cracked and the thunder let out a roar again and in no time, the 98 pound heeler (yes, he has a weight issue) was in my lap trying to hide from the storm outside.

Storms brew and we hear the noise. Those in charge around us tell us they will do all they can to protect us, but the storm keeps raging and it’s hard to believe sometimes. We, however, have the ability to see beyond the storm. We can have hope beyond the moment we are living in.

In this particular storm we as a community are going through, we don’t need to experience widespread panic. Instead, we should keep our heads about us and prepare to weather the storms that are ahead.

We have so many issues that cause storms in the political arena for our community. Instead of waiting until they hit to prepare for them, we should be a little more like the fable of the ant and the grasshopper. You know, the ant prepared and gathered food and the grasshopper didn’t. We need to know what our rights are as citizens (prepare) so that we aren’t just at the mercy of others when people use the system to try to take our rights away (being a grasshopper).

It’s normal to be scared, but it’s not okay to not be informed. We, as a community need to stand up and work together with our local and state representation to get ahead of the issues that face us. We need to thank those who take a stand and tell them we appreciate them with our business and our words. We need to make sure we understand the issues and not just throw emotional words around without facts. We need to be involved. Not just once in a while, but always.

What will people think if we are so involved? If you want to have a say in your future, who cares what others think about you? You shouldn’t. Let them call you radical, at least you are taking a stand.

How can I possibly be involved and work? I work, write for the paper, homeschool my child, volunteer as a 4-H leader, and I would like to say I am still involved. You can always make time for what you feel is important. I hope, with all that has been happening where our government is concerned to our communities, that we all make a little more time to be involved.

Storms will continue to rage, but will we be like the scared dog that wants to hide or will we take comfort in knowing that we have a grasp on the issues around us? It’s all up to you.

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