Stephanie Pearce: If you say it, it will come |

Stephanie Pearce: If you say it, it will come

Stephanie Pearce
Stephanie Pearce

Where is your faith? That’s a question my husband asked of me a couple weeks ago. That really made me think; have I really lost it?

I am usually right in there with the pep talks for everyone else. “It will all work out. Here, let’s see what we can do to make this better.” But when it comes to me, do I believe?

I’ve been reading a book by Ann Voskamp called “One Thousand Gifts.” In this book, the author tells us how she had been battling depression because of circumstances in her life including the death of her sister and nephews as babies. She talks about how she lives every day by counting the gifts that God has given her. She realizes that it isn’t possible truly to be thankful and be depressed. When you see and truly appreciate all that God has given you, you start loving and appreciating more.

I always have thought that when you speak things out loud, they seem to have a chance of happening. For instance, have you heard ranchers say that we need rain and they say out loud that it will rain when their hay is on the ground? What usually happens? It rains when their hay is on the ground. When we tell ourselves that we can accomplish something, what usually happens? We accomplish it. When we tell ourselves we can’t, we usually don’t.

So, the past couple of years, I’ve been speaking out loud what blessings will come. I’ve been sending prayers of thanks for all that I have. I’ve been trying to love more and do more for those I love.

Then there’s a time like now. Times when I don’t think I can keep my head above water. Times where I don’t know if the bad will ever end. Then, God sends me those words from my husband. “Where is your faith?”

His words pull me together. You see, we aren’t a really religious family. We don’t really attend church. But we do believe, and when I hear those words from my husband, it makes me believe more. You see, words like that don’t normally come from my husband, they come from me. So, when I hear them from him, it makes me really step back.

Sometimes when you don’t have faith, you need to know that someone else does. Right at that moment, him having faith and reminding me of mine, caused me to pull my head out.

We are so blessed in this life. We have gifts in even the largest of trials. We just need to look for them and then they will be easier to see. They are in the smallest of things from the way the sunlight shines in the window to the smell of a fresh-baked pie. When we start to see those little gifts, those little ones start seeming bigger to us. They also make room for you to see more and more gifts.

Your days start to seem brighter. Your circumstances start to seem not so quite overwhelming, all from counting your gifts and finding your faith. So, where’s your faith?

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