Stephanie Pearce: How much are you worth? |

Stephanie Pearce: How much are you worth?

Stephanie Pearce

Have you noticed how everyone in this economy is trying to get the best deal they can for as little as possible? I’ve noticed this in several areas, not just in buying goods, but that is a great example. People now are willing to take less than what an object is worth just to get by. For example, a car that’s worth $10,000 easily can be haggled down to $8,000 cash if the seller is in desperate need of money. Unfortunately, that’s $2,000 lost out on because of desperation.

How many times have we done this to ourselves? I’ve noticed this in several areas of my life. My time is valuable, yet in my attempts to please others, I find myself participating in things that really weren’t worth my time. In turn, I have lowered the value of my time. At the same time, the people who have asked for my time know they easily can obtain it again because of the worth I have put on it.

I have done this in the past with jobs, as well, settling for what has come open instead of waiting for what I know is meant for me. For example, I worked as a cashier for more than a year. I did enjoy my job and my customers. I also know that being a cashier is not an easy job by any means.

I knew, however, that this job was not an outlet for my abilities, and I had settled for the first job that became available. While in that position, I learned that it didn’t matter what I knew I was capable of or what sort of education or experience I had; everyone from management to customers saw me as a cashier, and that’s it. No matter how good I did my job, they never saw that I was worth so much more because that’s what I settled for. Luckily, I didn’t forget my value and kept searching.

I believe this could be true in any area of our lives. Are we settling because we are afraid there’s not much more out there? I’m not saying that taking a job until the one you’re fit for comes along is a bad thing. I’m saying don’t forget your worth because while I was a cashier, it was hard some days to remember my worth.

I’m saying don’t settle for relationships where people don’t value you, whether it’s friendships or partnerships. You set your value, and you stick to it. Don’t let someone tell you that you are worth less and start believing it.

I’m saying don’t settle for giving up on your dreams because someone tells you that they are impossible to accomplish. You might need to seek out the appropriate people to help guide you in the right direction. Seek people to give you the encouragement you need to set out a plan and goals to achieve. Seek people who you can tell what you’re worth and who will see it, too.

How often have you settled for less than you are worth? Don’t tell others through your actions or yourself through your thoughts that you are worth less. You should only increase in value and take nothing less than that.

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