Stephanie Pearce: Healing paws |

Stephanie Pearce: Healing paws

Stephanie Pearce
Stephanie Pearce

Being in the hospital can be a very trying time. Unless you’ve given birth, you’re usually there because you’re ailing in some way. I can attest to that after a recent stay with my husband. There were people in the hallways, inadvertently making noise while we tried to sleep. Then when you fall asleep, someone comes in to check vitals and ask if you are okay. So, hospital stays are never restful, which I think contributes to bad moods.

Don’t get me wrong, hospitals are filled with caring people and they mean well. They are just doing their jobs. Making sure you are not in medical distress is their job and they are there to help you get well. We appreciate them immensely and are so happy they are there for us.

On our recent stay, it was late when my husband finally got settled in his room. It seemed like every couple of hours, someone would check on him. We were all so tired. Then with shift change, someone new and overly cheery came in to introduce themselves and ask the same questions the person before had asked. Then there were the different specialists that visit and they seemed to ask all of the same questions. There were a few variances, but it got old very quickly.

So, there we sat as a family, emotional from the unknown and lack of sleep. We were short with each other and started to focus on Facebook, watching a movie, and reading a book so that we didn’t have to communicate anymore and to pass the time. There was another knock on the door. We all let out a groan.

Then, a calming male voice asked from behind the door, “Would you like a healing friend visit?” We said he could come in. The first things we saw were two wheels followed by a little dog body. I’m not sure of the dog’s breed, but he looked like a Terrier/Chihuahua mix. He had no front legs, but his owner made him this contraption that was hooked like a collar with three wheels like a trike under him.

He seemed to smile as he wheeled his way into the room. Immediately, our day was brightened. The mood was lifted as we each took turns holding this little guy and heard his story. He was born without his legs and he loves being petted and spooning with patients. He gives them hope and takes their stress away.

I can vouch that he did his job on that day. He made each of us smile and no one had done that all day. He seemed to know who was sick and needed the extra attention. He looked to his owner intently for direction when he thought his job was done.

I was so thankful for that little visit from such a sweet and caring soul. He really did make things brighter, and I’m sure he does help with the healing process. Even without his two front paws, he truly had the healing touch.

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