Stephanie Pearce: Halloween fun |

Stephanie Pearce: Halloween fun

Stephanie Pearce
Stephanie Pearce

Halloween always has been interesting at our house. Something exciting always was bound to happen. When we were kids on the block, there was excitement in choosing what we would dress as. We didn’t do very many store bought costumes — it was fun using our imaginations. We would grab pillowcases for our candy instead of the small bags or buckets that you see at the store, and we would hit the road.

First, we would go around the block where our favorite house stood. There was a lady who always would scare us when she opened the door. She had a different costume every year, and the one that stuck out the most was when she wore these outrageous pumpkin glasses. She had a laugh that really stuck out, too. I’m not sure if it was her Halloween laugh or if she really laughed like that.

Usually, the older kids would just take me around the block and then drop me back at home while they went and finished filling up their pillowcases with candy. I was just getting old enough to go all over with them when most of them quit trick-or-treating. That’s the down side of being the youngest kid on the block and in the house.

My favorite Halloweens have been since I had kids. I loved watching them dress up and being so cute. They are long past that now though. A few years ago when my son was a freshman, he decided he wanted to be the Burger King. We bought the mask and rented a red king robe. He went downtown with my daughter, who was an awesome Lizzy Bordon, and went to Yampa downtown and the mall. The funniest thing was watching my son pick out a person and follow them. You couldn’t tell who he was at all with that Burger King mask on. He is six foot five inches tall, so this Burger King was pretty intimidating.

My husband and I followed them around and watched people’s reactions to him. On Yampa, he sat next to some of our cousins on a park bench, and they had no idea who he was and got up and moved. He followed them and made sure they knew he was uncomfortably close. My husband and I stayed just far enough away so they wouldn’t see us and laughed so hard. They kind of freaked out just a little and when he told them who he was, they laughed and laughed. The best was when he stood in the middle of the street by the stoplight and asked for candy from the cars that passed like a panhandler and they actually gave him candy.

There were a few people that he followed that I’m sure wanted to punch him. I do remember having to let a few friends in on the joke so that their husbands didn’t deck him. Watching them go from so annoyed by this tall, freaky-looking Burger King with a creepy smile on his face to laughing when they realized who it was pretty entertaining.

So enjoy this holiday and don’t take it so seriously. Remember to enjoy your kids and all the memories that you’re making. Have fun, be safe and don’t forget to laugh.

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