Stephanie Pearce: Giving community |

Stephanie Pearce: Giving community

Stephanie Pearce

We live in an amazing community that is a very giving community in general. I am thinking about this as I fill out my Moffat County United Way contribution form at work. We have services, programs, and activities that are funded in a large part through donations such as United Way. Several of these programs wouldn’t be available if it weren’t for donations from our community.

I think about all we are able to accomplish through the small giving each of us does out of each paycheck. It reminds me of the saying, “Many hands make light work.” We may not be able to accomplish as much if only one person gave, but put us all together and we can accomplish a whole lot.

You may not be able to donate to United Way or another agency for whatever reason, but you always still can do something. Your giving does not need to be monetary for it to make a lasting impression on someone in our community.

I always think giving comes from our hearts, not necessarily our wallets. Make time to give of yourself if you can. There’s plenty you can do. Go to the rest home and ask if you can read to a resident. You may get more out of that than you will ever know. Meet a kid who wants to learn something you are good at and share your skill and knowledge with them. Help a neighbor with a chore they’ve been having a hard time completing on their own. Help a new mother by watching her children so she can have some “me time” or a nap. I know we live in a busy, busy world, but making time for things like this is just as important as giving money.

If you are blessed with both time and money, I hope that you give of both. We, as a community, are so blessed to have several people in our community that do give of both. I am so thankful that they aren’t afraid to step up and give of themselves.

One thing I worry about is people thinking the ones who step up continually and help always will be able to, so these people don’t even try to step up. There will come a time when, for one reason or another, these gracious people in our community can’t contribute as much as they did, or not at all. We need to have people ready and willing to step up and fill the gaps.

I know that I am so proud of our youths who step up and help where they can. Most don’t ever get rewarded, but I just want them to know that we, as adults, do see. We see the teenage girl who is so beautiful and popular that she doesn’t need to be nice to everyone, but she is. We see the teenage boy who sticks up for the younger kid who gets picked on without him around. We see the kids who work so hard to plan and promote healthy activities for others to be involved in. We see those who help their families by working and taking care of others. Thank you so much for having the heart you do and filling in where you can.

The generosity of this community makes me swell with pride. I am so lucky that I call this place home.

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