Stephanie Pearce: Family pranks |

Stephanie Pearce: Family pranks

Stephanie Pearce
Stephanie Pearce

Our family is full of colorful people. That is putting it mildly. They like to tell stories, joke and pull pranks. I think October could be a great month to let you in on a few of these stories.

My grandma used to tell us “ghost stories.” One time I remember her telling a story that four tires had rolled from the shop, two in front and two behind just like on a car. She said that they came to a stop in front of the house like they were still on a car and then at the same time they fell over. She said she knew right then that family had died in an auto accident. Grandma ended her story telling us that later on that day they had indeed gotten word that family members died in a car accident.

I share this story with my kids around this time of year. You know, kind of like the eerie camp stories you tell by the fire. One fall night a few years ago when my nephew lived with us, I shared that exact story with them. It freaked the kids out a little, but they laughed and went to bed.

The next night we had been riding horses at the fairgrounds and made it home at dark. We live in the middle of nowhere and we don’t have the big security street lights at our house. We didn’t even have a porch light on. We usually let the horses out down the road from the house in a little pasture, so we stopped down there to let them loose. My nephew and I got the horses out and were brushing them. It was pretty dark with only a sliver of a moon. My son said he had to get something out of the truck and he would be right back.

The nephew and I were talking and taking our time with the horses. We were finishing up and realized my son had been taking an awfully long time with whatever he was getting from the truck. We decided the horses were good and let them loose.

We walked toward the truck and realized my son wasn’t there. We hollered for him but heard nothing back. We weren’t that far from the house, so I just figured he went up to the house. Just about the time we decided that we heard something on the road ahead. It was a tire coming at us in the dark in the middle of the road. My nephew screamed like a girl and ran in the truck and covered himself up with a coat.

I stopped the tire and heard my son laughing his butt off in the darkness. I laughed so hard I almost cried. My son came over to the truck with me to tell my nephew it was all a joke. My nephew finally started to laugh after a little coaxing.

Now we all laugh at the tire story. I have a feeling it is going to be a story that is handed down the generations.

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