Stephanie Pearce: Enjoy warmth, coziness as winter nears |

Stephanie Pearce: Enjoy warmth, coziness as winter nears

Stephanie Pearce
Stephanie Pearce

The cold creeps in and wraps around us like a blanket of fog. Sometimes you can actually see it. Other times it’s just the feeling. It makes us want to dress warmer. It makes us prepare to spend more time inside, closer together. It makes us want to cuddle, to drink warm drinks and sit by a fire. It makes us excited to plan for the holidays ahead.

The cold brings with it the warmest of scents. All of the holiday cooking will be right around the corner. Smells of cinnamon, cider, pumpkin and all of our favorite holiday treats will permeate throughout our houses for most of three months. The welcoming scents will give us a feeling that will make us tolerate the temperatures outside. They give us memories of family, happiness, and contentment.

Dinners filled with comfort food end up on the menus of homes. Casseroles, breads, pie, and other oven-baked foods begin to take over where summer grilling had been the norm. The oven fills the house with a special kind of warmth that brings a family together at dinnertime. Baked goods give special memories to those who have the pleasure of eating them. The combination of scent, taste, and the emotion of the moments spent together embed them on our hearts.

The cold also brings us the warmth of fires. This warmth is cozy and the scent of wood burning is soothing to the soul. The crackling of the fire is like a hypnotic percussion that sends us into a trance as we stare at the glow that is so comforting. There is nothing like sitting in front of a fire with a cup of something hot, wrapped in a blanket with some fresh popcorn. Unless, of course, you add someone you love into that picture.

The hues the landscapes are colored with as the cold edges in make bearing it a little easier too. The burgundies, gold, orange and purples of the leaves give us a relaxed outlook. The colors lead to calming dispositions. The crunchy sounds the leaves make as we walk on them seem to add to the soothing scenery in an odd way. They go perfectly with the scents, the sounds, and the coziness of fall.

Families spend more time inside together or outside bundled together. For whatever reason, the cold brings us together like a special concert that no one wants to miss. Families spend time together watching games on television, eating meals and partaking in celebrations. They come in earlier and, at least at the first onset of cold, enjoy the closeness. A few months into the cold, it might be a different story, but for now it’s all good.

So, as the cold settles in and we are all complaining about how we are not ready for winter, let’s take some time to enjoy the moment before the bitter cold. Let’s enjoy the harvest moon, the memories of our summer and the moments we have together. Let’s embrace the warmth we can experience in the cold.

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