Stephanie Pearce: Canine love is true |

Stephanie Pearce: Canine love is true

Stephanie Pearce

I read the other day that scientists have studied brain waves in dogs and have proven that they feel love toward the humans that care for them like we do family. I really didn’t need to read that to know that. I’m pretty sure anyone who has a dog knows that they love us. Two of the four dogs were actual rescues. One of the others were a gift to our daughter from a neighbor, and the other we got from a friend whose dog had unplanned pups.

Every time I look in those big brown eyes of my Pumpkin, I can feel all the love in the world. He is a miracle. He was the dog we found on the side of the road in a rainstorm. He was a puppy with his eyes still closed and his umbilical cord still attached. I thought he was a piece of trash on the side of the road, but something told me to go back and look. I picked up this cold little bundle and went straight to the store for doggy formula and bottles. For the next six weeks, I bottle-fed him, took him everywhere with me in a bag for small dogs and sang to him to put him to sleep. Turns out, Pumpkin was a Pyrenees, so he didn’t stay small enough to do this for long.

When Pumpkin was old enough, we put him outside with our other Pyrenees, Diesel. We feed our dogs inside separately so we can love on them and so they don’t have to worry about any other animal getting their food while they eat. Pumpkin is a large-breed dog, and along with that comes hip problems. When we feed Pumpkin, we give him medication for his hips. To get him to eat this, we give him mints with it. He loves his mint “pills.” He also doesn’t go back outside until he gets a lot of love from his mom. He makes sure to hug me every night before he goes back outside.

Pumpkin didn’t ask to be left the way he was. Dogs usually don’t have a choice about their future or who will care for them. They just take what cards that are dealt to them. Pumpkin was lucky that I listened to that voice that told me to go back and see if he was trash. He wasn’t born in a warm house or able to be comforted by his mother, but he got better. He got me.

There are plenty of animals that are sitting at the shelter waiting for their forever families to find them. There are so many animals waiting to feel the love that my Pumpkin feels when he sees me coming home from work. Please, before you go buy a dog, please think about the dogs sitting in the shelter waiting for you. The dogs sitting on a cement floor hoping for a warm home with a family to love. Please adopt a shelter dog.

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