Stephanie Pearce: Benefits of motherhood are priceless |

Stephanie Pearce: Benefits of motherhood are priceless

Stephanie Pearce
Stephanie Pearce

Besides my husband, my kids are my everything. When I was little, I always wanted to be a mom. When my friends and I would play house, I always insisted on being the mom. I had a Baby Alive (she ate and pooped and peed), and I played with it all the time. I was very much a tomboy when it came to everything else, but this desire to be a mom never went away.

After I had kids, I wanted to be a good mom. My focus was to love them, provide for them, teach them and be there for them. I went to college, worked and did my best to show my kids that I wanted nothing but the best for them.

Sometimes, I think my expectations were taken, and my children exceeded them with ease. Other times, I would hear “focus on your other kid” when things were a challenge. I always enjoy watching my children succeed. I like watching them overcome challenges by figuring a way to work through them.

I remember watching my son play football. I absolutely loved watching him play. He was pretty good. He played both offense and defense and rarely sat out plays, so the game never was boring for me. I never will forget when he tackled a kid from Meeker. This kid had been giving him heck all throughout the game. I remember watching my son tackle him, but I remember the sound of the helmets clashing more. It was so loud. The kid was laid out. I cheered for my son, praising him for a job well done while the other kid got up to walk to the sidelines. Watching him use so much power to help his team win made me so proud.

My daughter was a bright, outgoing young girl, but in first grade, I noticed some changes. She seemed to withdraw and not want to try at her schoolwork. When I finally found out where these issues were coming from, I removed her from that particular school, but the damage already had been done. Getting her to realize she was smart, beautiful, and valued took some work. I entered her into a natural (no makeup) beauty pageant in which two-thirds of the score were from interview. She practiced and practiced. She looked so poised and confident onstage. In the interview, she met with five judges individually, answering impromptu questions. She blew their socks off. My daughter won Miss Colorado that year. She learned that there are adults who want to build you up and not tear you down. She learned the world can be cruel, but if you try hard, you will succeed. It was tough having seen her go through such a traumatic event, but seeing her overcome by leaps and bounds makes me so proud.

I’m so glad that these kids graced me with their presence. Out of everything I will accomplish in my life, being a mother is the one I take the most pride in. Watching kids learn, love, and grow is unlike any other job I will have. It pays nothing, but the benefits are priceless.

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