Stephanie Pearce: Believing and praying for a miracle |

Stephanie Pearce: Believing and praying for a miracle

Stephanie Pearce

I woke up to a notification on my phone. It said, “Joey + Rory new blog post — Enough.” I follow Rory Feek’s blog on My heart sank as I read those words “Enough.”

I’ve been following Joey and Rory Feek for quite some time. Rory is a songwriter and has written hits for Blake Shelton and others and he and his beautiful wife were on a show on CMT called “Can you Duet?” Later, they had a show called “The Joey and Rory Show” on RFDTV. I recorded every one. I bought every album they have made. Joey has the voice of an angel. They say she’s his singer and he’s her song.

This couple is an inspiration. They have become quite famous but never let it change them. Rory, a marine, found himself needing a sort of uniform after he retired from the military and started wearing bib overalls every day. After being on television, he didn’t listen to the stylists on the shows; he still wore his bib overalls. Joey, a country girl herself, raises her own chickens for butcher and eggs as well as grows a huge garden while putting up all her bounty for the year by canning and freezing. They run a little café in their small town called Marcy Jo’s where Joey baked bread daily.

Their love for each other is so evident. You can tell this isn’t just for cameras. That’s what really drew me in. Their songs even inspired my columns in the beginning — especially “That’s Important to Me.” Their love for each other and their faith in God is what kept me hungry for more. To avoid life on the road, Rory turned one of their barns into a concert hall and studio. They held weekend concerts for 300 to 400 people several months of the year as well as filmed their show right next to their own home.

In 2013, 38-year-old Joey found out she was pregnant. They shared with us her journey on the blog mostly because they had chosen to take a year off from the show to enjoy this blessing God had given them. After their home birth in February of 2014 to a beautiful baby girl they named Indiana, they had realized that little Indiana was blessed with an extra chromosome. Something we call Down Syndrome.

That summer, at a regular checkup, Joey was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer and a radical hysterectomy followed. The next year, they thanked God for all they had and kept performing at their barn, travelled overseas as well as on a cruise to Alaska, went to Hawaii for Rory’s 50th birthday, and enjoyed life.

In June of this year, Rory’s blog posted that the cancer had returned in her colon. His prayer on his blog asked for the Lord’s will to be done but then plead “But as flesh and bone, husband and wife… we pray for complete and total healing in Joey’s body, so we can grow old together, holding hands in rockers on our front porch watching the sun go down. So that our sweet little baby, Indiana can not miss one precious moment with her mama.”

This morning he announced in his blog that the cancer had spread and was too aggressive for treatment. So, Joey said that was enough. He was taking Joey home, “Not to die. But to live.” To spend what time they have left praying for a miracle and loving each other. He ended the blog saying:

“We ask for your prayers too.

For a miracle.

And even more so, for peace with His decision.

That is enough.”

We pray for Joey and Rory and everyone battling this terrible disease.

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