Stephanie Pearce: Appreciate your own beauties |

Stephanie Pearce: Appreciate your own beauties

Stephanie Pearce
Stephanie Pearce

Walking through a flower garden, I stop and look at the beauty of each flower. The delicate intricacies of their pedals, stems and leaves makes me stand in awe at their sight. Each type of flower has its unique design. I may be drawn to one type of flower over another, but they are still all very beautiful. The flowers are all very happy to just be themselves and be appreciated for the beauty they possess and not trying to be something they aren’t. They stand tall and show themselves for what they truly are and if they are strategically placed, they can enhance one another’s beauty.

At a friend’s house the other day, we were talking about how we should see ourselves as women and not focus on our downfalls and where we think we lack physically. We should, instead, be thankful for the way we were made. We should also support each other and help each other to stand in their beauty. This reminded me of the flowers in the garden.

The flowers would never shrink themselves on purpose because a rose bush is standing near. The petunias let off an amazing aroma along with the roses. Its beauty is priceless, but it has to peek its head out from the thorny stem and yet, it never complains or thinks any less of itself. Even with all the thorns, it is the most popular flower for a boy to give to a girl.

This brings me back to us as women. Most women compare themselves to any and every woman they can. They find every flaw of their own and compare it. They walk around feeling less than enough based on their comparisons. Why do we do that? Why can’t we look in the mirror and instead of finding our faults, build ourselves up? Why can’t we be like the flowers in the flower garden enhancing each other’s beauty with their own?

When I look in the mirror, it is so easy for me say, “Man, you look like crap today,” when I should have that flower garden on my mind and pointing out all my beautiful qualities. It gets me nowhere except wishing I was different.

My goal for the rest of the year is to look at myself like I would look at the flowers in the garden. To compliment myself and even go so far as to appreciate all the other flowers in my garden of life around me.

It’s important to teach our daughters how valuable they are as well. To let them know that they are a beautiful flower and even if they are made differently, it doesn’t make them any less of a flower.

I look back at the flowers again. I take in the lessons they’ve taught me. I appreciate their beauty. I hope that every person realizes they are beautiful and fully values by someone. All flowers are beautiful. All people are too.

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