Stephanie Pearce: Appreciate the good in life |

Stephanie Pearce: Appreciate the good in life

Stephanie Pearce
Stephanie Pearce

So many times in life we as parents, employers, teachers, spouses, etc. work so hard at dealing with problems that arise that we forget about the things done right. It is so important to not lose focus on the things that go right, the person that does so much for us that we may not even notice, the child that plugs away without disruption, the things our spouse does for us without a “thank you.”

To keep these things running smoothly, we should appreciate these people in our lives.

Usually, it’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease, as we say. So, as parents or teachers, it could be the child that misbehaves that gets all of your attention while the child that isn’t doesn’t. Sometimes we focus so much of our energy on the child the disruptive child that we lose track of the one that isn’t. That child may eventually start acting out to get your attention, so it’s important to remember to make sure and love on them.

Appreciate them.

In the workforce, employees with discipline issues sometimes take more time from the employer. This sometimes creates an atmosphere where the employees that do a great job go unnoticed. There is also the employee that toots their own horn that could be taking away from those performing just as well or maybe even better.

The employer overlooks the steady, hard worker because they say nothing, but get their job done. Or even worse, they could be doing work for a supervisor that takes credit for everything the employee does.

They may be taking time away from family working overtime to complete projects on a regular basis, but because they don’t complain, they go unnoticed. The employer might also think that because they are getting overtime for this time worked, that should be enough.

Employers need not forget that a simple “thank you,” “good job” or “I’ve seen the time you’ve spent here that you can’t ever get back with your family and I appreciate it” might be all it takes to keep an employee from developing a bad attitude at work.

Appreciate them.

Wives, have you ever noticed that when you compliment your husband, his whole demeanor changes? I am guilty as anyone for nagging.

It usually never gets me anywhere but angrier because my husband gets angry and seems to do less. When I tell him I appreciate even the little things like feeding the dogs or checking my oil, his attitude changes.

If I complain about how he did something — like laundry — I can guarantee that he will never try to do that for me again. The more I praise him the more he is willing to go the extra mile for me.

Appreciate your spouse.

Appreciation for people is a lot like gratitude. When you look for the good things a person does and acknowledge it a lot of good happens.

One good thing is they want to keep doing good things. The other is the more good you look for, the more good you find.

Eventually, that will be the first thing you see, and that makes all the difference.