Stephanie Pearce: Appreciate loved ones

Stephanie Pearce
Stephanie Pearce

Nothing makes you appreciate family more than when they do something for you. From the littlest things to sometimes the biggest. In my family we have one who totally outshines anyone for just doing with a grateful heart. It honestly doesn’t matter what they have planned, if you call and seriously need something, this person makes time for you. Most times, you don’t even have to ask. When he sees something that needs to be done, he just does it.

I worry often that he will be taken advantage of or get burnt out. I often worry that he will resent us all because it seems his work is never done. I worry he will start turning down dinner invitations because he might think that only means there’s more work to be done. But no, not this special soul. He has a heart that is so big. He has had so many he’s loved taken from his life, that he don’t care about the work, he just loves his family. Have you seen a heart like that? Have you seen a heart that loves and loves so much that everyone is drawn to him or her? You can’t help but be drawn like a magnet to someone like that.

I know I’m not the only one that benefits from this one person in our family. I know that our family and extended families would be lost without him in their lives. Not only is he hard working and compassionate, but he’s also so talented and funny. His smile brings a light that all those around are graced with. I’ve not heard one person that doesn’t enjoy not only their hard work, but just being with them.

Hearts like this are so rare nowadays. It seems that most are out for their own gain. While they would love to get ahead, they know that they can’t do it alone. Moving ahead while not enjoying those around you or letting them know they are appreciated means nothing. Getting ahead while leaving everyone behind is a lonely life.

I look at him and my heart just overflows with admiration and love. I can’t believe that one person can be so important and loved by so many people. I can’t believe how they step up to be a hero without even knowing that is what they are to so many.

I look at him and think about how my life would be so different without him. I think about how this person’s life wasn’t planned by me, but how the man upstairs knew I couldn’t live without him. To look at him and know he’s the very best part of me. I am so blessed to call mine Son.

Have you ever been so blessed to have someone you can count on like this? If you are that blessed, have you truly appreciated all they do? Do you let them know in every way you can how special they are to you? If you know someone in your life like this, please let them know how appreciated they are. Let them know that you wouldn’t be the same without them.

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